Badi is the twin brother of Belle, Son of Butch and Buttercup, and step-son to Brick. His main ability is shapeshifting into animals, which he has mastered into one of his main skills.

Physical Appearance Edit

Badi is a slightly taller then average puff-human who wears shoes like the rowdyruff boys do, with dark brown pants tucked into them. He wears a lime green long-sleeved shirt with a short sleeved green shirt over it. He wears a green baseball cap backwards with a giant lime green star all around the back.

Personality Edit

Abilities, Powers, and strengths Edit

Shapeshifting Edit

Badi is able to shapeshift into any animal, typically with a scarf that resembles his hat on once transforming.

Flight Edit

Badi can fly, like an average Powerpuff.

Super Strength Edit

Badi has super strength, but does not ever use it, and most likely is unaware he even does.

Teleportation Edit

Badi can teleport.

Super Speed Edit

Badi can run at super speeds.

Illusion Magic Edit

Badi can take the form and/or voice of another person through magic. He typically doesn’t use this ability and it only lasts for short amounts of time.

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