Bear is a bear who became a boy, who is best friends with Bee and Buzz. He helps buy and/or gather items/cooking items for Bee and the Bee Happy Bakery, however he does not work there.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bear wears a light brown beanie with a bear face and bear ears popping out, alongside two shirts (one t shirt and one long sleeve) of dark brown and light brown. The light brown t shirt he wears over the long sleeved shirt has a circle in the same dark brown color as on his hat and pants. He wears small brown shoes with an “x” on them.

Personality Edit

Bear is very clumsy and silly and easily flustered and/or embarrassed. He is very soft-spoken and usually not very vocal about his thoughts when you first meet him, however is much more casual and talkative once he is close to you. Bear is introverted and does not like spotlight on him.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Super Strength Edit

Bear can lift just about anything with no problem.

Shapeshifting Edit

Bear can turn into a bear and back into a human at will.

Animal Communication Edit

Bear can talk to animals.

Flight Edit

Bear can fly, leaving a brown streak of light behind him.

History Edit

Past to Present Events Edit

Bear was born a bear (the animal) and had lived that way for a long time. Eventually, at around age 3, Bear and his family had discovered the remains of the factory Professor Dick used in Knock It Off. There was still a slight bit of chemical x in the water (as Dick had used a ton in the making of the knock off-Powerpuff girls) which Bear had drank. The next day Bear was a human!

He discovered all his powers and decided to switch between bear and human in order to be able to get more food and stuff humans get. (for him and his family).

At age 5, years later, he met Bee and became friends with her And decided to help her. He also became friends with Buzz.

Future Events Edit

Bear marries Bee at some point in the far future!

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite food is fish
  • He doesn’t hibernate in winter, however he does sleep in really late and spends all winter with his family.
  • Bears favorite food is fish.
  • Bear doesn’t really like fighting, much like Bee.

Gallery Edit

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