Bee is the daughter of Brick and Buttercup and was named Bee after Brick and Buttercup had recently discovered a beehive behind their home.

Bee runs a bakery & restaurant named Bee Happy Bakery.

Physical Appearance

Typically, Bee wears a yellow dress that is slightly lighter yellow then her eyes, and is very similar to the Powerpuff Girls, but the bottom of the dress poofs into 3-5 circles. She has bright yellow eyes due to wearing color contacts, and wears the same kind of shoes and stockings as the Powerpuff girls typically do.

Bee has black hair tied In a ponytail, with a flower in her hair.

Her alternate outfits vary, and can be seen in the tab-images in her info box.


Bee is typically optimistic and likes to look on the bright side, usually cheerful. She is also very emotional, However she often isn’t vocal about her emotions. She usually vents/rants to her bees in private or whispers and/or thinks out loud about it when people can’t hear/aren’t there.

She is friendly and outgoing and loves chatting with people.

Abilities, Powers and Strengths

Summoning Bee’s

Bee can summon bees from out of nowhere, however she usually only uses this ability to defend herself, as she is awful at fighting. She can also un-summon them, sending them back to where ever they previously were.

Talking to Bee’s

Whether or not Bee can actually talk to bees outside is currently undecided, however they can absolutely understand her.

Bee Protection

Within a certain range of distance, bee’s cannot die from stinging people. Bee can also give this ability to bee’s individually no matter their distance from her, however can only do it individually for around 20 bees at a time. This cannot work for humans. It also boosts the strength of bees immensely, which is how they help her hold/carry dishes and in general help out in her restaurant.

Honey Aura

Bee automatically attracts bee’s to her, and makes them not want to hurt her, however the reason bees follow and/or help her is simply she helps them (example: planting tons of flowers, saving them, etc) and is their friend! Although nothing about it is related to honey she calls it the Honey Aura. It has the opposite effect on wasps and attracts negative attention from them.

Immunity to stings

If a bee were to sting her (accidentally or on-purpose), it would have no effect on her or the bee.

Super Strength

Bee does not have super strength to the extent of lifting cars or humans, however she is stronger then an average person.


Bee can fly, leaving a yellow streak of light behind where she flies.


Bee can teleport.

Laser Vision

Bee has laser vision! However she never uses it.


While not being a super power, Bee has really great balance and rarely falls.


Past to Present events

Bee was named after a beehive her parents had discovered earlier, however no one had any ideas about what her powers would be.

At age 2, Bee’s powers were discovered, which only reinforced their confidence in her name.

at age 3, Bee began going to school and met Buzz.

Around age 4, she got into cooking and wanted a bakery, and so on her 5th birthday, her aunt Bubbles revealed she got her a restaurant (which she asked the mayor to give her, who did because Bubbles had saved the town several times), which Bee began working at, and since Bubbles gives the money she earns from legally owning it to Bee, and Bee separates it to employees, and since Bubbles leaves running it to Bee too, it is technically Bee’s.

At some point, most likely in the middle of the year she got the bakery, she had met and befriended Bear.

Future Events

around age 13, Bee begins wearing her hair in braids, and dyes it to have yellow streaks. She also has an outfit change.

Around age 20, Bee wears her hair down (while still keeping her yellow streaks) and marries Bear, at some point.


  • Bee hates winter/late fall because she has to close her bakery much more often, Bear and Burly stay with their family and sleep in a lot, Beehive has to run the Hibernation Hut, her bees aren’t there, and in general it’s cold, and so is usually much more grumpy.
  • Bee only really hangs out with Buzz during winter/late fall because he works at the bakery with her, and is the only one not busy. Which means she has to deal with annoying jokes and puns a lot more, which is another thing that makes her not look forward to winter, as much as she does care about and like Buzz.
  • Bee likes to garden occasionally in her spare time! She started doing it to make flowers for the bees however she ended up liking it, too.
  • Bee hates the Bee Movie because Buzz loves it and plays it all the time during winter.
  • Bee’s favorite food is honey biscuits!
  • Anything people put honey in where it’s not weird (as in, nothing like honey on french fries or something) Bee will eat and loves.
  • Bee only eats pancakes/waffles with honey!
  • Bee is friends with several bees of several beehives, but she usually interact the most with the bees from the hive near her house.


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