Doris Lions, typically called by her first name, Doris, is the protagonist of my story Mystical Meadows. She is a human who became a fairy, and currently lives in the world of Mythidow.

Physical Appearance Edit

Diris wears a sleeveless purple shirt that hangs over her with a cartoony bunny face on the shirt. She also wears a small crossbody purse shaped like a bunny, dark purple shorts with pockets and a white silhouette of the top of a bunny head on the right side on the front. She wears purple shoes with three light purple stripes and a single green one, she has long brown hair with purple streaks, tied into two pony tails. She has fairy wings as a fairy. She wears socks with bunny faces and bunny ears popping out of the top of them, and a yellow bracelet on her right arm, with small white bunny heads on all sides.

Personality Edit

Doris is very kind and forgiving, and loves magic tricks and illusions, which is why she wants to be a magician. Doris is very energetic and extroverted and likes to explore and chat, and loves to help people. Doris, however, can also be easily angered or upset, can be very loud, and has trouble staying focused on topics at hand very often.

Abilities, Powers, and Strengths Edit

  • Doris is very creative and can come up with ideas fast, whether or not they’re good ones depends in the situation
  • Doris can fly, however has not learned how to (and is afraid of heights)

History Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Doris’ favorite animal is a rabbit.
  • Doris is afraid of bugs.
  • Doris’ favorite color is purple.
  • Doris has a crush on Rose later on

Gallery Edit

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